About Us

From the Vice Chairman’s Desk

“In today’s dynamic political and economic environment, we are determined to continue investing in the right opportunities to achieve our target growth trajectory. We continue to believe in the limitless potential of human capital. As such, our philosophy continues to revolve around ‘Managing Talent’.

We remain determined to grow our presence in markets and industries we are already in, consolidating our market share and improving margins. At the same time, we are looking at new opportunities both with synergistic value to our portfolio, as well as diversifying plays both in the GCC and Europe. We currently have a diverse portfolio of companies, both by industry and geography, and are looking to further grow and diversify our portfolio.

We are enthusiastic about the technological advances achieved in the past decades, and believe in encouraging, adopting and investing in innovation. Innovation has been the key driver of growth globally in recent years, and is an essential part of our long-term strategy.

Our goal is to be a diversified conglomerate, enjoying the trust of its stakeholders in all the sectors and countries we operate in. All our short-term and medium-term strategies are designed with these goals in mind.

Onwards and upwards.”

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