SADITA Holding was incorporated in 2006 and its underlying operations were initiated in the year 1982 starting with Kuwait Proteins. It is believed to be among the leading companies in the region with subsidiaries all over the world. The Group today has operations in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhastan, Hamburg, Pakistan, Lebanon etc. SADITA (through its subsidiaries) is the exclusive distributor of top international brands such as McCain, Sweet’N’Low, President, Power Horse, Jolly Time, Frico and AliCafé as well as renowned regional brands such as Siblou, Freez, Farm Land, Masafi, Foody’s, Yamama, and Al Ahram, among others followed by kitchenware, disposables, flexible packaging products, IT products and accessories, Medical services and Power System.


To expand and diversify the holding and its subsidiaries in Food & Beverages, Plastic wares, Medical Services, IT services & communications


SADITA Holding aims to continue to place strong focus on both maintaining existing performing brands in its portfolio as well as acquiring new and emerging local, regional, and international brands that either complement the Company’s business model or allow SADITA to expand into new sectors and business lines.